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MC70 Organic Micronutrient Activator

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Application Rate

Mix 1 ml MC70 per gallon of feed water for amazing results.

How to use

Apply in combination with plant nutrients or use as foliar spray to increase biological activities.


The importance of MC70

Revolutionize the way you grow with our proprietary cold processed MC70 Micronutrient Activator. MC70 is rich in naturally occurring organic acids, vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, growth hormones, enzymes, proteins, and over 70 trace minerals from a pristine source of prehistoric plant matter. 

Our powerful mineral based blend is an organic nutrient catalyst that is being hailed as the most versatile and effective additive for plants. It works by improving the uptake and effectiveness of all types of plant nutrients and provides ample quantities of auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins to promote cell division, cell enlargement, differentiation of cells, development of chloroplasts as well as a delay in aging. Its powerful chelation action helps keep essential elements and minerals available and mobile within the plant which allows the grower to reduce feedings and obtain the same results.

Why does this matter?

Growers must maximize nutrient delivery to plants to see the full potential of the plant's quality and harvestable yield. When fertilizer is added to soils or hydroponic systems, less than 50% is utilized by plants. Unused fertilizer represents wasted money to the grower and can have negative environmental impacts.  

MC70 is nature's most powerful nutrient delivery system

Our product unlocks nutrients that are chemically-bound in soils or hydroponic systems and convert them into soluble forms that plants can easily take up through their roots. Increased efficiency of fertilizers leads to more effective nutrient programs and healthier plants. So while a complete base nutrient fertilizer provides everything a plant must have to live, our MC70 Micronutrient Activator allows your plants to go beyond simply surviving and encourages them to thrive by fully maximizing their genetic potential. 

Additional Benefits 

Our Micronutrient Activator stimulates plant enzymes and chlorophyll activity to produce more energy for growth. MC70 is an organic catalyst that works by improving the uptake and effectiveness of all types of plant nutrients.   

The organic fulvic acid component in MC70 also helps to strengthen cell walls which improves a plant's ability to survive heat and water stress and fend off many pests and pathogens that can enter through soft tissue.

Watch your plants respond in just days after initial treatment with richer green leaves (enhanced chlorophyll) and rigid growth. No matter what nutrient solution or specialized formula that you are currently using for your hydroponic growing operation, our minerals will substantially increase nutrient uptake by your plants on a cellular level!

What does this mean for the plants? 

1.Faster vegetative growth
2.Improves nitrogen delivery resulting in less nitrogen needed
3.Better resistance to diseases
4.Improved resistance to pests
5.Noticeable increase in growth rate
6.Thicker, greener healthier vegetation
7.Thicker more abundant flowering
8.Maximum light conversion resulting in larger healthier plants
9.Bigger yields

These specialized minerals have all passed through the roots of prehistoric plants thus having been converted to extremely biologically active molecules that makes plant grow wild!

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