Aloha: Bar Vanilla Almond, 1.9 Oz


Aloha Plant-Based Protein Bar Vanilla Almond Crunch will bring you in with all your favorite flavors, but you'll stay for the plant-based protein! And the fact that these perfectly filling bars are free of unwanted ingredients like soy and dairy.

  • 14 g of Plant Based Protein
  • Free of Antibiotics, Hormones & Anything Artificial


Full of the things you need like protein, iron, magnesium, and fiber. Plus, whole foods like ours taste great all on their own. No additives necessary.

Ingredients: Almonds*, Tapioca Syrup*, Protein Blend* (Pumpkin Seed Protein*, Brown Rice Protein*), Pumpkin Seeds*, Pea Crisps* (Pea Protein*, Rice Flour*), Date Paste*, Sunflower Seeds*, Agave Inulin Syrup*, Quinoa*, Vanilla Extract*, Acacia Gum*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Sea Salt.